Belted cowl top S3-206


Belted cowl top S3-206


Belted cowl top S3-206

Relaxed sleeveless cowl neck top w/belt

100% cotton

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Jetti is an award winning fashion startup that aims to bridge the gap between designer fashion and functional clothing. The label was launched in an effort to combine easy care materials with contemporary design. Jetti provides updated wardrobe essentials for the modern woman whilst freeing her from the upkeep often required of designer clothing through the use of machine washable and wrinkle resistant cottons. With a minimal aesthetic of clean lines and subtle shades, Jetti focuses on creating high end pieces without the high end maintenance.


Based in London, Jetti was founded in part, as a response to finding that the majority of easy care clothing was produced for men. We thought, “Why can’t women have the same access to fuss-free clothing while still feeling modern and chic?” Ultimately, the collection was created to make women’s lives easier.


Jetti was founded by Rachel Rymar, a Japanese-born American who studied fashion design at Parsons School of Design in New York. Rachel has always been fascinated by the connection between menswear and womenswear as many modern womenswear staples evolved from menswear pieces that were designed for function and necessity, i.e. denim was made to withstand hard labour, shirts were originally undergarments for men, even high heels were designed as a useful male accessory (it would help them stay in their stirrups on a horse). Rachel wanted to approach womenswear design in this way yet still preserve the advantage that women have of being able to dress expressively and decoratively. Hence, Jetti was created for women who move, work, play and do everything in between.


About our shirts

We stand by the idea of quality over quantity--buying well and buying less. The clothing industry is one of the top polluting industries in the world so it's important that brands as well as consumers are aware of and take steps towards a sustainable future.

We made sure that the fabrics we chose are woven in mills that are green certified and keep a close eye on their supply chain. All of our pieces are produced in a family run factory in the north of Portugal. We chose this particular factory not only because they have a 70+ history of making quality shirts, but because we saw their commitment to social and environmental responsibility. They work closely with neighboring recycling organizations that collect and manage their waste materials such as fabric scraps and cutting paper. They also participate in the Green Dot system that helps to recover and recycle packaging waste.


Our Fabrics

Not only did we want to create stylish wardrobe staples, but we also wanted pieces that were low maintenance and easy to care for.  All of our pieces are made with 100% cotton with a wrinkle resistant finish. You can wash them at home--no dry cleaning necessary.

Often, cotton is spun with polyester thread to give it some wrinkle resistance. We tend to shy away from cotton-poly blends as we've found that pure cotton fabrics generally breathe and feel better than fabrics mixed with synthetic fibers. Our fabrics crease similarly to cotton poly blends, but feel much better against the skin because they're 100% cotton!

All of our fabrics are woven in Turkey and meet the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 for environmental responsibility.



As much as we love supporting our local dry cleaners, we also love washing machine friendly garments. Luckily, our pieces can be washed at home in warm water with like colors. We recommend hanging them to dry rather than throwing them into the dryer. Tumble drying, although fast and convenient, can cause more shrinkage and be rough on the fabric causing extra wear and tear. We want your clothes to last as long as possible so avoiding the dryer is highly recommended.