STYLE ANAYLSIS - Eastern European Women's Shopping Habits

Have you thought of targeting the Eastern European market? Are you curious about which styles women prefer, must-have items of the season and shopping habits analysis?

Keep reading and let us tell you the whole knowledge about Eastern European states market. .

When we speak about the style of average woman in Eastern Europe, sexy is one of the key words. Heels, the clothes that show the body shape, mini skirt, tight fit dresses are their top choices. If you are a fur brand, you mustn’t miss this market. Fur coat, warm coat are not only a luxury item but also necessity because of the severe weather conditions of the region.


Women have an habitude to look perfect from head to toes. They are very into hair and make-up

If we dig into the styles of Eastern European women, we can still separate into several categories, there is different key point of styling for each category. To conclude all the styles for Eastern European women, we choose 11 must have items in their closet for the nearest seasons. As we said, sexy is one of the key words, we can certainly find some feminine dresses. It can be formal style for an important event, tight fit sexy for a night out or daytime style dresses. In the closet of each woman, you can certainly find lot of different kinds of dresses for different occasion, but in different way show their feminine characteristic.


We all know that in Eastern Europe part, winter is extremely cold. A winter coat is a must have item. Long coat is preferred than short jacket, regarding to color, there are various choices. Except beige, brown, gray these kinds of basic colors, we can also see the coat with lighter colors, such as purple, red, orange. In general, they love and dare to play with colors in styling, sometimes the combination might not work, but when it works, the style is really strong and interesting.  

Contact us to read the whole survey for Eastern European women market, let us help you to make the full marketing plan and consult you all the knowledge about it!      

Photo resource: Pinterest



BMA marketing service- Focus group


BMA marketing service- Focus group

BMA has recently organized two focus groups for one of our clients. We can now build a longterms development strategy based on insiders market vision and best practices. We are ready to take off to new adventure!



The Best Luxury Stores Award in Moscow

This week in Moscow took place 3rd annual event for professionals of fashion retail - The Best Luxury Stores Award. BMA Team has visited the event and happy to share the highlights with you.

WhatsApp Image 2018-11-23 at 14.47.39.jpeg

November 20, 2018 leaders and significant players of Russian fashion retail visited hotel Metropol in Moscow city centre to participate in the annual event organised by Russian Buyers Union (@russianbuyersunion). This year more than 600 buyers and store owners from more than 50 cities, and designers from different countries were united in one place to share the latest news and trends of industry.


The Best Luxury Stores Forum – business part of the event with lectures, workshops which were held by the experts of the industry such as editor-in-chief Daria Veledeeva (Harper’s Bazaar), store owner Aizel Trudel (Aizel and, fashion designer Denis Simachev, Lizzy Bowring (WGSN), Ekaterina Odintsova (PR Trend), buyer Mikhail Kolovangin (TSUM), fashion designer Svetlana Taccori (Tak.Ori) and others.

“Nowadays people are looking for the comfort and simplicity in shopping. Today the most important thing which could attract clients is personalisation” – with this words Daria Veledeeva (Harper’s Bazaar) opened the Forum. 

This idea was mentioned several times during the day by other speakers. Another key points which were discussed: trends in luxury retail and the role of Z generation in consumption of luxury brands, Instagram for business, forecasting of the fashion trends for the nearest seasons and others.

In the evening guests were invited to the official ceremony “The Best Luxury Stores Award”. During the evening 100 best luxury stores received their awards and guests had an opportunity to see defiles of fashion brands.

The Best Luxury Stores Award – is the main professional event in Russian fashion retail. One of the key objectives of the event is to introduce a quality mark for the industry, which will highlight stores operating in the premium segment. The Best Luxury Stores Award has already become an indicator of reliability, both for buyers and for brands with which buyers cooperate.



STYLE ANALYSIS- French Women's shopping habits

STYLE ANALYSIS-French Women's Shopping Habits

Speaking of French style, you might think of strips, beret and baguette, does the Parisian really wear it? With our years of experience in fashion industry, let us tell you more the real French women style.



In general, French woman has several traits. They are slim, intend to dress relaxed style with either big shopper bag or crossbody bag. Wearing comfortable shoes, since French women love to wonder in the city by walking. As the photo showed above, French women prefer the colors more discrete, grey, dark blue, brown, ivory etc. For make-up trends, black liner and lipstick are the must have. 

To help you distinguish which type of French women are your target consumer, here we are going to talk more about their dressing habits.


Soft fabrics shirt with a fluide silhouette, and balance with a long coat. Keep accessories sleek and understated. The shape of the shoes exposes more of the skin to elongates the look. The color and cutting stay simple with a big brand bag to give a focus in the style.


Casual style is their main key word. Normal waist jeans, sneakers, big bag to carry a lot of things. However they are not just that. They pair sometimes a blazar jacket or long classic coat to mix and match the casual style into a casual-chic style.



A simple and strong sentence to describe them: No rules, just imagination for them.


Seeing a French fashionista, you can see easily found out the latest trends from their outfit. At least one IT piece can be found in their dressing, they are also into big fashion brands. The trends and big fashion brands are their mark.


Here is another point about French women, they like the outfit which are suitable to go in daytime and also in night time. With different styling, a fluide soft fabrics shirt that can go for office in the day time can also be seen at night event. Black is the popular color to dress when French women decide to go out. Balance the skin which are exposed, is the main difference from daytime style.



With a short and naturally grey hair, they embrace the time who gives the beautiful traces on them. They might be old, but they don’t dress old. We can say there is almost no difference in style with younger generation. Color matching, jewelry with balerineas, sneakers or comfortable heels are their signature.


What about the must- have items for French woman? Where do they intend to buy them? What is their budget on fashion? Regarding to ages and income, we have the whole survey for French women shopping habit to help you understating the French woman and to set up a market plan for your band. Talk to us, we are good at it and we can help you.





September, 28 in the heart of fashion Paris – Salon France-Amériques of Hotel Le Marois, Brand Management Agency organized a Fashion Division event. The Runway fashion show welcomed five emerging Indonesian designers and a famous designer Tities Sapoetra to show their Ready-to-Wear SS2019 collections to the guests of Paris Fashion Week.

Fashion Division presents “FD Paris Fashion Show” - the possibility to young promising designers or having already proven themselves on the Asian market, to be able to express their art and their creativity during Paris Fashion Week. This September edition is organized in collaboration with BMA - Brand Management Agency Paris.


To discover more photos please follow the link

Inspired by the beauty of the Indonesian woman, applied to the design and the printed fabric, the collection of our star designer Tities Sapoetra represents the faces of these women as diverse as the different flowers scattered around the world. One of the most interesting part in his work is embroidery of flowers in 3 dimensions highlighting the woman as the most beautiful work of art in the universe. "I combined the dominant Parisian mood of gold, black and brown colors, with the theme of Spring Summer 2019. Be pieces like an organza made suit" he said.

To bring out the true face of an Indonesian woman, he invited Indonesian supermodel, Paula Verhoeven, to participate in the show. A combination of satin, organza and Mikado, the collection of Tities reveals the most beautiful aspect of women.


To discover more photos please follow the link

Amelia successfully presented her creations with her concept of “zero waste”. "I always do not waste the material in making clothes, I applied the rest of materials into the unique details to my design" she said.

Through her creations she brings a highlight to the fact of producing no waste in the manufacturing process with powerful silhouettes and humble materials, showing an alter-ego of her personality giving a significant importance to the protection of our environment, which takes precedence over the existential crises of each and which is a subject at the heart of the new fashion’s production model.


To discover more photos please follow the link

A combination of bright red and black accompanied by an elegant cutting silhouette, Trudy spring/summer 2019, the designer Aurelia has decided to bring out the emergence of the movement Girl Power.

With red as the dominant color, she represents the femme fatale, seductive and mysterious. At the twelve strokes of midnight, it is the moment where all the secrets of the woman in red are revealed. Passionate, representing the love, the rage and the power of free women. "High boot, long blazer, outer made from latex and semi leather, they will be suitable if combined together to represent midnight seduction“ she said.


To discover more photos please follow the link

By theme “Walk in Santorini”, designer Edrick Young put out a simple dress with amazing details, with a white basic color and two other colors red and blue as the dress details. His fashion brand is called EDR which is to amplify the women's wear fashion and create artistic and conceptual pieces.

He represents the form of the buildings in the garment. He adds laser-cut Bougainville flower petals for the feminine touch. Architectural forms with classic female silhouette. “For next season, I will start producing simplified and more affordable looks and also I will start working on the next collection and revolutionize the world of fashion by storm”.


To discover more photos please follow the link

Love Affair, societal problem or true beauty of desire, describe the collection of this young designer. She took out a black apparel using a fabric made of satin, lace and turned it into a dress, jumpsuit, which clearly illustrates the theme of love affair. “That longing feeling, the entanglement, an amour. The baffling drama in between has inspired the whole creation of this collection. Its black, its alluring” she said.

Grasheli hopes that by carrying out a fashion show in Paris, she wants to bring the name of Indonesia internationally “I am Indonesian who tries to bring Indonesia's image and culture into the international fashion through my designs”


To discover more photos please follow the link

Précieuses, A pretentious woman who is characterized by extremely correct manners and speech. She was steeped in feminine elegance and beauty. This ready-to-wear collection exclusively in linen, revisits the 17th century dress style in France. Each pearl represents how each woman has been suffused with feminine ornaments and their endurance overcoming all the processes of life. Women as a pillar of life.

Kate Middleton who is an inspirational woman in this collection, "I think women should be able to look beautiful even though they work for their lives and careers." Moreover, Daniella introduced a traditional rattan bag from Indonesia which would strengthen the uniqueness of her work.

“FD Paris Fashion Show” has shown to the fashion people the creativity, style, trend forecasting for spring/summer 2019 of six Indonesian young designers. Overall, the apparels of the show come from fresh ideas, the design displayed is quite stunning to the audience, the whole night fashion show really represents the latest style for spring summer in various events and times.


BMA Showroom SS19 Cocktail invitation

BMA Showroom SS19 Cocktail invitation

Casting 2 shows and 1 event


Casting 2 shows and 1 event




BMA SHOWROOM Paris showcases women RTW designers, all characterized by a strong and individual design, innovation and high quality.   The main differentiator point of our brands is their creative vision, their particular style and innovative approach. We provided a strict seleciton of brands targeting creative, innovative, qualitative designers sencitives to fashion trends and high quality materials. 

logo showroom 2018 sept SS19.png

BMA Showroom SS19 is located at Galerie du Centre, 5 Rue Pierre au Lard, 75004 Paris in the Marais District, the fashion center of Paris. Pleasant work atmosphere while establishing a prestigious and innovative professional image.

opening event flyer 2018.jpg

BYLUMA was founded by Luma Saqqaf, who knows how important it is for modern woman to have a versatile wardrobe. 

The muse of the brand is a multifaceted woman rich in experience — career, family life, world travels and an eye and taste for life’s simple, and fine, pleasures.

She has her own approach to life: a conscious, curated approach. And it’s proof that nothing within it is there by chance.

Her career and her success didn’t come through luck or favors, just her own hard work and time. Her home is a sacred space filled with things that matter—pieces carefully selected for their memories and sentimental value. Her travels are less about roaming, and more about locations that feed her soul. And her friends? Don’t expect a large crowd, but a small circle of chosen people. And of course, when it comes to her wardrobe, there’s nothing accidentally meticulous about it, only thoughtfully. Her clothes reflect who she is, how she uses her eye, and how she intends to carry herself through life. 

Wholesale price range: 75-340 eu

Henry Kole is a lifestyle shoe brand founded in 2015 and based in Sweden. Inspired by the modern and urban lifestyle of stylish women on the move, Henry Kole provides continuously updated collections of trend-driven shoes made of high grade materials, fit and quality. 

The founder of Henry Kole, e-tailer Henrik Klintenberg wants to put his own stamp on the shoe business to fill a gap in the market. This was done with a unique voice and affordable shoes that are up-to-date with the emerging trends. 

Henry Kole shoes are handcrafted in southern Spain. The brand incorporates genuine leather uppers and linings, hand treated suedes, and carefully crafted soles and trimmings specific to each pair. The essence of the Henry Kole brand is based on Swedish minimalistic style, quality focus, coupled with the self-confidence to live out your own unique identity. 

Miriam Budet is a Puerto Rican fashion designer with more than 16 years of experience. Her uncanny ability to combine colors and textures has made her one of the highest quality designers to export from Puerto Rico. 

Created with a perfect balance between day to day pieces but with the right amount of edge and artisanal touch to make them unique. Working with world trends but always adding a bit of the Caribbean flare which flows naturally.

First Puerto Rican fashion designer to present a collection during Paris Fashion Week. Her collections have been part of the most important fashion runways in Europe, the Caribbean, showcased by various local and international magazines, newspapers and social media. 

Miriam Budet is one of the few Puerto Rican designers that designs and manufactures her own garments, handbags, accessories and shoes locally.

Wholesale price range: 60 - 380 eu

Jo Sephine is a lifestyle, a way of being and a way to relate to the world. It is a micro-luxury Brand designed  for all those women who value timeless fashion,  design and quality and love everyday clothes easy to wear with great finishes andawsome fabrics.

Jo Sephine is born from the creators of “Attic San Francisco” and “ SiSiMú”, between Madrid and Biarritz.

Jo Sephine client is young, joyful, creative, enthusiastic, inspired. She is ready for adventures.

Wholesale price range : 80 - 200 eu

ALEXANDRA TAPU was founded in 2012 by Alexandrina Tapu, Italian designer for fashion, design and architecture, with an eye to minimalism and taste for sober functionalism.

For ALEXANDRA TAPU is essential the know-how, craftsmanship of Made in Italy, tradition, technique and creativity that distinguish her collections.

Elegant, stylish, but at the same time full of youthful energy. She likes to spend time with people full of personality and history.

Wholesale price range : 80 - 230 eu

Triinu Pungits is an Estonian fashion designer and fashion teacher in Estonia.
"Body and mind should always be in harmony" is a Triinu Pungits brand philosophy . Self-expression, defined by attitude and freedom.

The brand is all about texture, new shapes and cuts, pattern placements and self-confidence. Bold yet tasteful plays of different colors, digital prints and cuts.

Hand-made, one-of-a-kind coats are the trademark of Triinu Pungits.
All Triinu Pungits clothing items are designed and produced in Estonia.

Stockists : Not Just a Label

Press : Vogue, Glamour...

Wholesale price range : 90 - 400 eu

Harmnni brand name comes from the word of  harmony in which tradition and modernity are complemented.

Harmnni was created for daring, modern women who are looking for outstanding cut that will perfectly emphasise their individual style and silhouette.

Each design is a combination of individuality that is reflected in original patterns, which are then  transferred into high-quality product. Harmnni’s gowns are prised by fashion publicity, therefore adored by top stylists, celebrities and customers, who wants to feel unique.

Harmnni woman is an individualist who loves to experiment with styles, knows what she wants and stands for it. Hence, the power of modern woman mixed with flowery-ruffles-boho dress creates totally fresh and astonishing silhouette, that will awake uniqueness and femininity of every woman.

Wholesale pricing range: 90 - 150 eu

Born and bred in Australia by two best friends who happen to be sisters, bübish offers hand crafted, unique upcycled fur and faux fur pieces that have been made to last a life time - not just a season. With a fusion of Parisian chic, colour and sass the bübish 2019 collection has been thoughtfully designed to offer a colour and cut that will fit and suit anyone. Pretty and petite or broad and bold there is a piece that will be your go-to, fail-safe winter item. What’s even more special is that each piece has been hand knit by their talented team of knitters.

Selected by over 45 boutiques in Australia and over 20 in the USA including Nordstrom, the growth of bübish over the past 2 years has been a testament to the quality and unique design of the brand.

other designers information in process


What are KPIs to monitor in fashion retail?


KPI in fashion industry

Often stores owners check revenues, margins, number of visitors, average basket... and sometimes it s difficult to say what caused increasing results or losses. Define and follow regularily the right KPIs can be a good solution to anticipate future changes. But what is KPI and which KPI should the store owner monitor?

What is KPI

A KPI, or Key Performance Indicator, is a metric used to measure performance. Retail stores use various KPIs to measure their activities. There is no particular set of KPIs that every retail store must use. Retail stores need to pick the right KPIs based on the outcome they want to achieve or their strategic goals. For example, one retail store might want to manage their inventory better, so they would use KPIs like inventory to sales ratios or inventory integrity. On the other hand, another store might want to enhance the customer experience, so they would choose KPIs like customer satisfaction and customer retention.

Choosing the Right KPIs

Retail stores need to choose the right KPIs when measuring their business processes or goals. Each KPI must have a specific purpose, must be measurable quantitatively or qualitatively, must have a realistic goal, must be relevant to the strategic direction of the store and should be measured within a specific time-frame. An example of this is increasing monthly sales volume by 10 percent by the end of the month. The retail store will then measure their monthly sales volume and compare the increase to the target of 10 percent.

Classification of KPIs

Each business unit has its own set of KPIs. For example, the marketing team in a retail store uses marketing KPIs like customer acquisition, while the HR team uses HR KPIs like staff turnover. KPIs can also fall into multiple sub-categories. Quantitative KPIs can be measured with a numerical value while qualitative KPIs can't. Input KPIs measure the inputs consumed in a certain business process and output KPIs measure the results of the business process. Leading KPIs predict the result of a business process and lagging KPIs present the outcome of the business process.

Sales KPIs

Ultimately retail stores want to increase their sales and make more money. While there are a vast number of KPIs related to sales, there are some basic ones that most retails stores use. Gross profit, sales and cost of goods sold are the three simplest ones. They directly measure the profits of the store. Average purchase value and sales per segment are also widely used. Profitability of different brands is important to optimize brands purchasing.

Sales per square foot help store managers determine the best way to place goods in the store to increase sales while conversion rates identify how many purchases are actually made for every customer who walks into the store. % of clients who become repeat customers, customer concentrations, greatest sources of purchases: word of mouth, promotions, proximity, ads; Number of new customers directly after a promotion

Conversion of foot traffic to sales permits to optimise the Visual Merchanidising as well as the correlation of buying patterns with physical position in the store. Time elapsed between customer entry and representative greeting, time-of-day patterns
Mean, median, mode purchase per customer, per time of day, per sales representative.

There are KPIs to measure the efficiency of the sales team, such as sales per hour, salary to sales ratio, gross revenue per employee
gross profit per employee,

Inventory KPIs such as inventory to sales ratio or out-of-stock items are important in improving inventory management.

Media Features

Media features relates to the number of times that magazines, television programs or Internet articles refer to a fashion outlet's product. Many media outlets have fashion features as part of their program listings and use these media to introduce their customers to trendy and fashionable styles. A count of media features will normally be recorded by the public relations (PR) team working with the fashion business. It is also used to measure the effectiveness of the PR team.

A well-organized and -connected PR firm should have no problem getting key television shows, magazines or fashion websites to feature their client's products. The more airtime or magazine space fashion houses gets, the more awareness they get with their targeted customers, and this will usually translate to store (physical or online) visits and hopefully sales.

Usage of KPIs


Ultimately, the usage of KPIs should lead to changes that improve the performance and efficiency of the store. There is no point putting so much effort identifying KPIs and measuring them if the data is not going to be put to good use. If there is a pattern arising in out-of-stock items, such as one particular item being out-of-stock with a higher than expected frequency, then it is time to increase the frequency or amount by which the item is restocked.



Bibliography :

BMA, Articles published by Azcentral, Bizfluent

Image source : Unsplash

Chinese Fashion Market - Everyday Spendings and Consumption Trends


Chinese Fashion Market - Everyday Spendings and Consumption Trends

According to JingDong’s 2017 Chinese female consumption report, now there are some special or unconventional trends hitting the market.

Generally, chinese women tend to spend most on cosmetics, pets, food and drinks. Then followed by babies, clothes, books or furnitures. Unlike the western countries, in China, the average spent on traveling and vacations are unexpectedly low.

Female between 25-40, as always, are proved to be the strongest buyer for all kinds of products and have a stronger pursuit for their life quality. However, for the new generation, typically those born after 1990s, they are considered to be more willing to invest in themselves and be love to pay relatively high price for better products.


Meanwhile, the young are more sensitive to items that are popular online or between celebrities, and also care much more about the brand name and image.

Nowadays, the steady increase of economy enabled the Chinese customers a stronger buying ower, which creates a huge market for premier brands, which sector is already getting the biggest market share in China, thanks to their fashionable design and relatively lower price.
There are some really interesting trends as well.

Customers are now have a stronger interest for participation of brands, they positively would love to join events like designing or creating their own unique items.

For another hand, unlike the traditional Chinese customers who only cares about the brand names, today’s customers starting to care more about the product itself, for instance, the design, the fabric, and the cut. They are now asking more for characteristic and unique outfits.


By Georgina for BMA, 2018



BMA Showroom statistics

BMA Showroom is a meeting point between contemporary fashion designers, buyers and press.

Every season BMA team updates its designers, buyers and press base in order to enhanse the knowledge on market trends,

BMA Designers base

designers base.png

Our designers selection represents more than 1400 strictly selected designers (new names with high potential and fast growing international brands). 

We know exactly their styles, price levels and stockists. It permits us to help the buyers to find right designers for their stores.

Each season we only work  with 7-10 designers. This small selection is due to our willing to keep an exclusive selection for our buyers and to only focus on conceptual designers to have a consistent presentation.

BMA Buyers base

Our buyers base contains professional contacts of more than 4500 buysers from all over the world (USA, Aurope, Asia, ...).

We know exacltly what is their current brand selection and style preferences, price level (see bellow the extrait of the base).  It permits us to adapt the mailing for each brand. We can provide a 100% targeting for each brand in order to focus the sales effort to corresponding buyers (style, price level, country, city, other brands positioning etc.).

base extract.png

Sales process optimization

We are in direct contant with more than 500 buyers every season for our online or physical showrooms or special orders. Each season we seek to optimize our orders process to make it easier both for our brands and buyers :

  • Automatic order via our onlliene showroom plarform (3 order possibilities : online, by phone or by mail);
  • Automatic appointment planner and follow up;
  • Documentation management via cloud to sumplify the order management and document shares;
  • Online contractualization and virtual signature;
  • Payment optimization : possible directly from buyers to designer or via the showroom.
countries buyers base.png

Our sales agent contact the relevant buyers (according the brand's style / price level /strategy), plan and conduct sales sessions, provide contracts and follow-up.

  • UK: Dover Street Market, Harvey Nichols, Browns;
  • Italy: Excelsior, Antonioli; 10 Corso Como;
  • France : Printemps, Kabuki, L'Eclaireur, Printemps ;
  • Russia : Bosco, Tsum, Podium, Le Form;
  • USA: Jeffreys; Blake; Ikram;
  • Asia: Joyce; Isetan; Boon The Shop; Club 21 and others.

BMA Press, Bloggers, Photographers, VIP base

We constantly update our Press, Bloggers, Photographers and VIP bases. The main part of these bases are composed by contacts from Fashion capitals : Paris, Milan, London, New York.

·                       Fashion magazines : Madame Figaro, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE and others;

·                       Fashion Bloggers : @sylviahaghjoo; @yoyokulala; @indiaroseco; @helenabordon




Sales increased by 200% due to new store concept

Brand Management Agency helps Aigle d'Or, leading shoes brand located on the island of Madagascar to rework completely their 26 sales points.


Aigle d'Or is leading leather shoes producer and distributor based in Madagascar. The company asked BMA to help optimizing the retail space stores, develop a "European style" store. Here is the store "look" after and before the concept application :



How did we proceed?

Preliminary analysis

First of all, we analyzed the existing retail spaces, local competitors and local offer. Then during the brainstorming with sales team, we could define the client' segmentation and main target group. The analysis of the assortment and of the sales statistics permitted to define the product families and structure the offer according the target groups.

Merchandising rules application

The client experience was elaborated according the main merchandising rules.

Then a long period of definition of the store new identity according the target audience and brand positioning, selection of a furnishing supplier, light selection.


Floor plans & Furniture

We provided the 2D and 3D Plans with a detailed positioning of spaces (Woman / Man / Children) and product families, describing the price range positioning.

Team training

Then followed the team training to understand all the base of Merchandising principles and rules to respect.

Return of experience

Following the launching and the opening event, we managed the Return of experience period. The consumer experience were analyzed and improved following the detailed analysis results.

Deployment of the concept in 26 stores

Following the REX conclusions, the new concept is being set up in all the 26 stores all over the island. BMA is very proud of this realization helping to grow not just a company activity but the economy of this amazing country.




BMA Paris launches a full service PR & Sales Office

We believe that the main mission of designers is to be creative. That is why we offer to take care of the other aspects of the business. We know how to make your business grow and we make all that we can to ensure the optimal development.


Following multiple requests, we are happy to launch now the full-service Sales & PR Office for our permanent clients. By doing this we help our clients develop their brand awareness and sales during all the year and not just during the Fashion Week period.

What are the main services that we offer ?

The first one is a Press & Sales Office. It is a permanent location in Paris for brands where we showcase their collections to buyers and press (click for more details & conditions).

  • We manage media relations for brands. We organize special events for press, fashion stylists, bloggers to let them discover brands and negotiate product placements & fashion editorials.

We also provide our photo shootings and video production. It permits us to increase the brands visibility and strengthen their Social media accounts.

  • We also manage B2B sales. We communicate during all the year with buyers (4000 buyers base all over the world), we present them the collections, arrange appointments and manage orders. We help designers to optimize their collections, their product and sales strategies, prepare a distribution plan.

The second main activity remains the Fashion Week Showroom & Online Showroom (click for more details & conditions).


The third one is Special Events, Pop-Up corners & Shops.

  • We have long term experience in consultancy and special events. We are happy to provide our clients with the turn key solutions to let them test the European market.

According to the brand strategy it can be a special event (presentation, catwalk, showroom) or a Pop-Up store or Pop-Up corner, positioned according the brand price level and style. We can manage all the logistics and provide you a sales team or help you setting up your own space managed by your team. The main objective of all our services is to optimize the efforts for the continuous development. We want to be there to help our designers in the day-to-day evolution and not just during the fashion week periods.

Our management has more than 12 years in Marketing & Strategic Consultancy for big companies, with more than 8 years in Fashion.  We are an international team, composed with Russian, French, Chinese, Italian, Indian members. Which empowers us and allows us to speak to our partners and clients in their own languages. It helps us to be more comprehensive to different market particularities, to adapt our communication and offers to different geographical zones.


BMA Showroom Brands AW2018-19


BMA Showroom Brands AW2018-19

logo showroom 2018 mar-feb.jpg

BMA SHOWROOM Paris showcases women RTW designers, all characterized by a strong and individual design, innovation and high quality.   The main differentiator point of our brands is their creative vision, their particular style and innovative approach. We provided a strict seleciton of brands targeting creative, innovative, qualitative designers sencitives to fashion trends and high quality materials. 


BMA Showroom is located at 80 Rue de Quincampoix, 75003 Paris  in the Marais District, the fashion center of Paris. Pleasant work atmosphere while establishing a prestigious and innovative professional image.



During the Paris Fashion Week AW2018/19 we represented European brands :

logo web.png

SACCO BARET embraces the fine workmanship of the French Haute Couture atelier and combines it with modernism to create unique and empowering pieces for the contemporary woman.

A combination of contrasting elements defines the Haute-Façon house: tradition and modernity, organic and architectural, fragility and strength.

The signature of SACCO BARET's creations combine an ethereal approach to volume, color, and texture with a focus on artisanship. The pieces combine an in-depth working knowledge of the refined art of plumasserie and the impeccable finish of Italian manufacturing. 

SACCO BARET created a special limited edition pieces for the PALAIS DE TOKYO, MAMO museum. SACCO BARET was recognized internationally in VOGUE magazine, admirers of the house include Meryl Streep and Beyoncé Knowles.

Press: Vogue, Bazar, Elle, L’Officiele…

Wholesale price range : 100 - 600 eu


ALEXANDRA TAPU was founded in 2012 by Alexandrina Tapu, Italian designer for fashion, design and architecture, with an eye to minimalism and taste for sober functionalism.

For ALEXANDRA TAPU is essential the know-how, craftsmanship of Made in Italy, tradition, technique and creativity that distinguish her collections.

Elegant, stylish, but at the same time full of youthful energy. She likes to spend time with people full of personality and history.

Wholesale price range : 80 - 230 eu



AFHRA was born as a selection of creations, made in Italy, characterized by a polished and feminine style. The creations are design but sensual. The style is minimalist but vibrant.
AFHRA has a constant literary inspiration.

Quotes, colours, objects, feelings, the places described in the pages of a book are translated into real objects.

Many trips in the modern Morocco will be visualized through the raw pages of Mohamed Choukri. Likewise, the Africa of Joseph Conrad. Then, the feminine charm described through the poetry of Anne Sexton or the androgynous spirit told through the travel diaries of Annemarie Schwarzenbach. And a thousand more other continuous quotes and inspirations.

Triinu Pungits logo BMA.JPG

Triinu Pungits is an Estonian fashion designer and fashion teacher in Estonia.
"Body and mind should always be in harmony" is a Triinu Pungits brand philosophy . Self-expression, defined by attitude and freedom.

The brand is all about texture, new shapes and cuts, pattern placements and self-confidence. Bold yet tasteful plays of different colors, digital prints and cuts.

Hand-made, one-of-a-kind coats are the trademark of Triinu Pungits.
All Triinu Pungits clothing items are designed and produced in Estonia.

Stockists : Not Just a Label

Press : Vogue, Glamour...

Wholesale price range : 90 - 400 eu


Jetti is a contemporary womenswear brand that bridges the gap between designer fashion and functional clothing. Using wrinkle resistant technology in our fabrics, our pieces are 100% cotton, machine washable and easy to care for. 

Based in London, Jetti was founded in part, as a response to finding that the majority of easy care clothing was produced for men. We thought, "Why can't women have the same access to fuss-free clothing while still feeling modern and chic?" Ultimately, we created this collection to make women's lives easier.

Jetti made sure that the fabrics we chose are woven in mills that are green certified and keep a close eye on their supply chain. Produced in Europe. 

Wholesale price range : 60 - 300 eu


Lysandre G.L creates painting in fashion with the magical synthesis of traditional embroidery art and contemporary fashion design philosophy.

Lysandre G.L defines prêt-à-couture through the precise execution of the most innovative techniques with the finest materials. Using creative cutting and color contouring effects as a backdrop, Lysandre G.L amazes the world with the intricate complexity and beauty of embroidery, as well as its ability to create drama in fashion, the ability to transform ordinary objects into an everlasting piece of art.

2017  Global Outstanding Chinese Designer Award.        -Presented by Jeanne d’Hauteserre ,The Mayor of the 8th Arrondissement of Paris.

Wholesale price range : 80 - 600 eu


Imperatrice is a Parisian outwear brand. Designed and produced in France, women rain coats and jackets, garment veste duvet for a modern powerful woman.

Wholesale Price : 200- 600 eu


Jo Sephine is a lifestyle, a way of being and a way to relate to the world. It is a micro-luxury Brand designed  for all those women who value timeless fashion,  design and quality and love everyday clothes easy to wear with great finishes andawsome fabrics.

Jo Sephine is born from the creators of “Attic San Francisco” and “ SiSiMú”, between Madrid and Biarritz.

Jo Sephine client is young, joyful, creative, enthusiastic, inspired. She is ready for adventures.


Wholesale price range : 80 - 200 eu


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Our brands have their signatures. They have a promising future in best worldwide concept stores and department stores. 

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BMA develops 900 sq. m. retail space in Colombo


BMA develops 900 sq. m. retail space in Colombo

Brand Management Agency Team in exclusivity with Galle Face Hotel Chairman Sanjeev Gardiner are working on defining a new luxury retail concept which will fundamentally transform the local consumption.


Probably one of the best things to do once in a life: enjoy a picturesque sunset at Galle Face Hotel 5* in Sri Lanka, Colombo.

You feel the light wind, see the glowing red sunset, think about the scarcity of these unique experience, enjoy the moment...

Founded in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1864, the Galle Face Hotel is one of the oldest hotel east of Suez. The hotel is a member of Select Hotels and Resorts International and is listed as one of the "1000 Places to See Before You Die"

Sri Lanka is well known for its real treasures such as picturesque landscapes, rich culture, friendly and welcoming people. But for the last ten years the country has been attracting attention with one of the fastest-growing economies.

Colombo, current construction projects

Colombo, current construction projects

More than 15 bn will be invested...

.... during the next 25 years in the economy of the country, especially in Colombo, making it an important business destination. Huge businesses are already growing all around : financial district and the marina area of the port, Shangri La, Havelock City, ITC Colombo One, Keells Waterfront, Capitol TwinPeaks, Capital Heights etc.

Being part of the cultural heritage of Colombo, Galle Face Hotel (GFH) has started to seize this economy growth opportunity to strengthen the luxury supply in the country. A few stores already launched high end retail spaces, but these lack the complete consumer experience, the must-have for growing fashionista population. 

BMA and GFH team started to work on defining the new retail concept to satisfy the local consumer, travelers and growing business population' needs.


Focus groups realized in January 2018 by BMA team showed that local consumers spend a lot while traveling (Shanghai, Australia, Bangkok, USA, Malaysia...). This is due to a limited, even inexistent, local offer of luxury goods. There is a lack of products as cosmetics and European make up experience, lingerie, authentic luxury bags and shoes, perfumes... So much wishes... so huge potential for retailers.

All the European high end and luxury brands should take this oportunity to be first and develop its own faithful customers.

The New GFH retail space with a total space of more than 900 sq. meters will include : 

  • Mono brand high and Jewelry store;
  • Multi-brand Concept stores with Woman and Man Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, Lingerie, Lifestyle objects and Art;
  • Exclusive souvenirs boutique.

Galle Face Hotel retail space will become a new destination of Fashion in Sri Lanka with an exclusive customer experience.  Generally selected as location of Colombo Fashion Week and special events for VIP, GFH will become THE place to be for fashionista.   

The right selection of European brands will be a suitable offer for growing business population and increasing amount of tourists.

For European brands it is not just a great business investment, it is a participation in the Economy growth.

3D Store.jpg

Imagine the beautiful European boutiques with inspiring selection of rare products, feel the excitement of fashionista, see the beautiful people coming in the stores and walking around to spend their time with total pleasure and comfort. 

Smell and feel the taste of hot chocolate, imagine how you seat after the shopping with your glace of tasty wine and listen to the waves of the ocean...  admiring the changing colors of the sunset from the terrace of Galle Face Hotel.

The most important, is that you can be part of this beauty!




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Dear partners, clients, friends and colleagues!

We are happy to start sharing with you our projects, believes, our intentions and secrets.

We introduce you our blog, you have now an opportunity to feel, imagine and learn all our insights here.

We always work too hard and do not find time to speak about it. We decided to change the paradigm in 2018: we will present you our new projects, will speak about our results and plans, we will share our vision and our ideas. Do not hesitate to ask questions when you want us to tell more about some points, if you need some professional advice or just want to know how we did it.

Starting from now we want to show you our internal agency life, our routine, our trips, our clients, our feedbacks, our backstage.

It is official now! You can start follow our adventures, as you were part of it. Welcome!

In the upcoming months we will tell you about :

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