Sales increased by 200% due to new store concept

Brand Management Agency helps Aigle d'Or, leading shoes brand located on the island of Madagascar to rework completely their 26 sales points.


Aigle d'Or is leading leather shoes producer and distributor based in Madagascar. The company asked BMA to help optimizing the retail space stores, develop a "European style" store. Here is the store "look" after and before the concept application :



How did we proceed?

Preliminary analysis

First of all, we analyzed the existing retail spaces, local competitors and local offer. Then during the brainstorming with sales team, we could define the client' segmentation and main target group. The analysis of the assortment and of the sales statistics permitted to define the product families and structure the offer according the target groups.

Merchandising rules application

The client experience was elaborated according the main merchandising rules.

Then a long period of definition of the store new identity according the target audience and brand positioning, selection of a furnishing supplier, light selection.


Floor plans & Furniture

We provided the 2D and 3D Plans with a detailed positioning of spaces (Woman / Man / Children) and product families, describing the price range positioning.

Team training

Then followed the team training to understand all the base of Merchandising principles and rules to respect.

Return of experience

Following the launching and the opening event, we managed the Return of experience period. The consumer experience were analyzed and improved following the detailed analysis results.

Deployment of the concept in 26 stores

Following the REX conclusions, the new concept is being set up in all the 26 stores all over the island. BMA is very proud of this realization helping to grow not just a company activity but the economy of this amazing country.