Arabic Fashion Report

Source :  British Vogue

Source : British Vogue


In compare with other market, middle east fashion market is to be considered more mystery. Today we are going to talk about middle east women’s style with you.

In general, there is no middle market. Women consumers are either very conservative or very westernized.  For the consumers who are very conservative, they always wearing long fluid clothes, long sleeves, to cover their body shapes. As for women who dress more westernized, we can find them dressing with trousers, high heels and multi-layer to create the style.


For middle east women, a product which can show the status symbols are very important. They prefer branded product or high-quality product. Bags and high heels are also remarkable popular items in middle east items. Compare with other market consumers, middle east market consumers are more daring regarding to colors.


The site made a report about Africa & middle east fashion, the report stated that revenue in the fashion segment amounts to US $4,376 m in 2018 and revenue is expected to show an annual growth of 10.5%, resulting in a market volume of US $7,024 by 2023. For fashion segment, middle east market is definitely rising up.

 The method to communicate with middle east consumers need to be well considered as well. In our full report, we show you some examples of marketing adaption. With the right method to connect middle east consumers can help to build your brand identity, and relationship with the consumers.

 Are you ready to enter the middle east market? Talk to us, let us tell you more and create the marketing plan for your brand.