BMA Showroom and August in Savant Magazine

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At BMA opening, many of us went like, 'Oh, this is like COS, but better'. ...


How did your brand find its way to be represented by BMA in Paris? What are the larger goals and opportunities being part of this project brings?
We were contacted by BMA agency about 6 months ago. It brought us a lot of useful feedback from the buyers all around the world. It will surely play its role to help August reach more customers eventually. 


Share a thought with us about the future of responsible fashion.

I am convinced that responsible fashion is not a passing trend, but something permanent to stay. Consumers have a growing interest not only towards the clothing, but also towards the values and identity behind the brand. It is important that conscious clothing brands put more emphasis on creating clothes that are stylish and pleasing to the eye to change the stereotype of sustainable clothing being something only for yoga lovers.

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