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BMA SHOWROOM Paris showcases women RTW designers, all characterized by a strong and individual design, innovation and high quality.   The main differentiator point of our brands is their creative vision, their particular style and innovative approach. We provided a strict seleciton of brands targeting creative, innovative, qualitative designers sencitives to fashion trends and high quality materials. 


BMA Showroom is located at 80 Rue de Quincampoix, 75003 Paris  in the Marais District, the fashion center of Paris. Pleasant work atmosphere while establishing a prestigious and innovative professional image.



During the Paris Fashion Week SS2018 we represented European brands : Moi Multiple and Alexandra Tapu from Italy, Sacco Baret from France, Nelka from Russia and Triinu Pungits from Estonia.


Moi Multiple was founded in 2008 by Italian designer Anna Francesca Ceccon.

The stylistic key of the brand can be found in transformation and liability. The geometric and clean lines which become wrapping and flowing on the body mark the brand awareness. The dichotomy between movement and static, the relationship between irony and color, the study of unexpected and emotionally engaging details are aesthetics’ foundations of the brand.

Spring/summer 2018 collection “PLUS-QUE-PARFAIT” was inspired by the grand-mother of the designer – strong woman who was trying to build the world around which will suit her. The ironic and colorful touch which personalizes every outfit is given by iconic details like bows, brooches, jewels and accessories.  A colorful palette offers innovative combinations of orange, peach, cedrata, pink, mint, blue, china and tiffany.  Item of clothing are enriched by silver and gold touches.

Retail price range: 75 - 350 euro


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SACCO BARET embraces the fine workmanship of the French Haute Couture atelier and combines it with modernism to create unique and empowering pieces for the contemporary woman.

A combination of contrasting elements defines the Haute-Façon house: tradition and modernity, organic and architectural, fragility and strength.

The signature of SACCO BARET's creations combine an ethereal approach to volume, color, and texture with a focus on artisanship. The pieces combine an in-depth working knowledge of the refined art of plumasserie and the impeccable finish of Italian manufacturing. 

SACCO BARET created a special limited edition pieces for the PALAIS DE TOKYO, MAMO museum. SACCO BARET was recognized internationally in VOGUE magazine, admirers of the house include Meryl Streep and Beyoncé Knowles.

Press: Vogue, Bazar, Elle, L’Officiele…


ALEXANDRA TAPU was founded in 2012 by Alexandrina Tapu, Italian designer for fashion, design and architecture, with an eye to minimalism and taste for sober functionalism.

For ALEXANDRA TAPU is essential the know-how, craftsmanship of Made in Italy, tradition, technique and creativity that distinguish her collections.

Elegant, stylish, but at the same time full of youthful energy. She likes to spend time with people full of personality and history.



NELKA is a premium brand operating since 2010 specializing on high-quality wool coats. In our garments, we focus primarily on natural fabrics and each item is hand made with love and care.

The brand is built on the intersection of experience and artistic freedom, of the avant-garde designer solutions and tradition, unique workmanship and exquisite comfort. 

Our garments are created by the design bureau managed by the Russian designer Nelli Kalashnikova who has been working with fashion for over 30 years.

In addition to coats, we offer a full range of female garments including suits, dresses and other items, all to make our customers look fabulous and stylish on any occasion, from a casual walk in the city to a formal business meeting.


Triinu Pungits logo BMA.JPG

Triinu Pungits is an Estonian fashion designer and fashion teacher in Estonia.
"Body and mind should always be in harmony" is a Triinu Pungits brand philosophy . Self-expression, defined by attitude and freedom.

The brand is all about texture, new shapes and cuts, pattern placements and self-confidence. Bold yet tasteful plays of different colors, digital prints and cuts.

Hand-made, one-of-a-kind coats are the trademark of Triinu Pungits.
All Triinu Pungits clothing items are designed and produced in Estonia.

Stockists : Not Just a Label

Press : Vogue, Glamour...


Jetti is a contemporary womenswear brand that bridges the gap between designer fashion and functional clothing. Using wrinkle resistant technology in our fabrics, our pieces are 100% cotton, machine washable and easy to care for. 

Based in London, Jetti was founded in part, as a response to finding that the majority of easy care clothing was produced for men. We thought, "Why can't women have the same access to fuss-free clothing while still feeling modern and chic?" Ultimately, we created this collection to make women's lives easier.

Jetti made sure that the fabrics we chose are woven in mills that are green certified and keep a close eye on their supply chain. Produced in Europe. 


Laura Laval Paris is a Parisian Fashion brand, 100% women, which embodiesthe Parisian spirit between complexity and simplicity. The collections are make by the young and gifted Parisian fashion designer Laura Laval. They mix style and purity in a modern, beautiful and romantic product
The dressmaking is entirely made in France, label of authenticity and quality.
Key part of the collections, "La Parisienne" is a worldwide reference for every women.

Press : Vogue, Glamour, Institute Magazine, ...


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