BMA SHOWROOM Paris showcases women RTW designers, all characterized by a strong and individual design, innovation and high quality.   The main differentiator point of our brands is their creative vision, their particular style and innovative approach. We provided a strict seleciton of brands targeting creative, innovative, qualitative designers sencitives to fashion trends and high quality materials. 

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BMA Showroom SS19 is located at Galerie du Centre, 5 Rue Pierre au Lard, 75004 Paris in the Marais District, the fashion center of Paris. Pleasant work atmosphere while establishing a prestigious and innovative professional image.

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BYLUMA was founded by Luma Saqqaf, who knows how important it is for modern woman to have a versatile wardrobe. 

The muse of the brand is a multifaceted woman rich in experience — career, family life, world travels and an eye and taste for life’s simple, and fine, pleasures.

She has her own approach to life: a conscious, curated approach. And it’s proof that nothing within it is there by chance.

Her career and her success didn’t come through luck or favors, just her own hard work and time. Her home is a sacred space filled with things that matter—pieces carefully selected for their memories and sentimental value. Her travels are less about roaming, and more about locations that feed her soul. And her friends? Don’t expect a large crowd, but a small circle of chosen people. And of course, when it comes to her wardrobe, there’s nothing accidentally meticulous about it, only thoughtfully. Her clothes reflect who she is, how she uses her eye, and how she intends to carry herself through life. 

Wholesale price range: 75-340 eu

Henry Kole is a lifestyle shoe brand founded in 2015 and based in Sweden. Inspired by the modern and urban lifestyle of stylish women on the move, Henry Kole provides continuously updated collections of trend-driven shoes made of high grade materials, fit and quality. 

The founder of Henry Kole, e-tailer Henrik Klintenberg wants to put his own stamp on the shoe business to fill a gap in the market. This was done with a unique voice and affordable shoes that are up-to-date with the emerging trends. 

Henry Kole shoes are handcrafted in southern Spain. The brand incorporates genuine leather uppers and linings, hand treated suedes, and carefully crafted soles and trimmings specific to each pair. The essence of the Henry Kole brand is based on Swedish minimalistic style, quality focus, coupled with the self-confidence to live out your own unique identity. 

Miriam Budet is a Puerto Rican fashion designer with more than 16 years of experience. Her uncanny ability to combine colors and textures has made her one of the highest quality designers to export from Puerto Rico. 

Created with a perfect balance between day to day pieces but with the right amount of edge and artisanal touch to make them unique. Working with world trends but always adding a bit of the Caribbean flare which flows naturally.

First Puerto Rican fashion designer to present a collection during Paris Fashion Week. Her collections have been part of the most important fashion runways in Europe, the Caribbean, showcased by various local and international magazines, newspapers and social media. 

Miriam Budet is one of the few Puerto Rican designers that designs and manufactures her own garments, handbags, accessories and shoes locally.

Wholesale price range: 60 - 380 eu

Jo Sephine is a lifestyle, a way of being and a way to relate to the world. It is a micro-luxury Brand designed  for all those women who value timeless fashion,  design and quality and love everyday clothes easy to wear with great finishes andawsome fabrics.

Jo Sephine is born from the creators of “Attic San Francisco” and “ SiSiMú”, between Madrid and Biarritz.

Jo Sephine client is young, joyful, creative, enthusiastic, inspired. She is ready for adventures.

Wholesale price range : 80 - 200 eu

ALEXANDRA TAPU was founded in 2012 by Alexandrina Tapu, Italian designer for fashion, design and architecture, with an eye to minimalism and taste for sober functionalism.

For ALEXANDRA TAPU is essential the know-how, craftsmanship of Made in Italy, tradition, technique and creativity that distinguish her collections.

Elegant, stylish, but at the same time full of youthful energy. She likes to spend time with people full of personality and history.

Wholesale price range : 80 - 230 eu

Triinu Pungits is an Estonian fashion designer and fashion teacher in Estonia.
"Body and mind should always be in harmony" is a Triinu Pungits brand philosophy . Self-expression, defined by attitude and freedom.

The brand is all about texture, new shapes and cuts, pattern placements and self-confidence. Bold yet tasteful plays of different colors, digital prints and cuts.

Hand-made, one-of-a-kind coats are the trademark of Triinu Pungits.
All Triinu Pungits clothing items are designed and produced in Estonia.

Stockists : Not Just a Label

Press : Vogue, Glamour...

Wholesale price range : 90 - 400 eu

Harmnni brand name comes from the word of  harmony in which tradition and modernity are complemented.

Harmnni was created for daring, modern women who are looking for outstanding cut that will perfectly emphasise their individual style and silhouette.

Each design is a combination of individuality that is reflected in original patterns, which are then  transferred into high-quality product. Harmnni’s gowns are prised by fashion publicity, therefore adored by top stylists, celebrities and customers, who wants to feel unique.

Harmnni woman is an individualist who loves to experiment with styles, knows what she wants and stands for it. Hence, the power of modern woman mixed with flowery-ruffles-boho dress creates totally fresh and astonishing silhouette, that will awake uniqueness and femininity of every woman.

Wholesale pricing range: 90 - 150 eu

Born and bred in Australia by two best friends who happen to be sisters, bübish offers hand crafted, unique upcycled fur and faux fur pieces that have been made to last a life time - not just a season. With a fusion of Parisian chic, colour and sass the bübish 2019 collection has been thoughtfully designed to offer a colour and cut that will fit and suit anyone. Pretty and petite or broad and bold there is a piece that will be your go-to, fail-safe winter item. What’s even more special is that each piece has been hand knit by their talented team of knitters.

Selected by over 45 boutiques in Australia and over 20 in the USA including Nordstrom, the growth of bübish over the past 2 years has been a testament to the quality and unique design of the brand.

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