Chinese Fashion Market - Everyday Spendings and Consumption Trends

According to JingDong’s 2017 Chinese female consumption report, now there are some special or unconventional trends hitting the market.

Generally, chinese women tend to spend most on cosmetics, pets, food and drinks. Then followed by babies, clothes, books or furnitures. Unlike the western countries, in China, the average spent on traveling and vacations are unexpectedly low.

Female between 25-40, as always, are proved to be the strongest buyer for all kinds of products and have a stronger pursuit for their life quality. However, for the new generation, typically those born after 1990s, they are considered to be more willing to invest in themselves and be love to pay relatively high price for better products.


Meanwhile, the young are more sensitive to items that are popular online or between celebrities, and also care much more about the brand name and image.

Nowadays, the steady increase of economy enabled the Chinese customers a stronger buying ower, which creates a huge market for premier brands, which sector is already getting the biggest market share in China, thanks to their fashionable design and relatively lower price.
There are some really interesting trends as well.

Customers are now have a stronger interest for participation of brands, they positively would love to join events like designing or creating their own unique items.

For another hand, unlike the traditional Chinese customers who only cares about the brand names, today’s customers starting to care more about the product itself, for instance, the design, the fabric, and the cut. They are now asking more for characteristic and unique outfits.


By Georgina for BMA, 2018