Christian Louboutin’s Exhibition Opens Its Doors in Paris Next Year

Source : Soulier Maquereau © Credit Guillaume Fandel

Source : Soulier Maquereau © Credit Guillaume Fandel

From February 25 to July 28, 2020 Palais de la Porte Doree will present an exhibition of work by Christian Louboutin to honour the designer’s career and creativity. The palace of Port Doree is located in the 12th district in Paris, which is not far from the home Christian Louboutin grew up in.

He has always been fascinated since young by the architectural beauty of the palace which became one of his inspirations for some of his first designs like the Maqueraeau shoe. This shoe is made of metallic leather and the designer directly took inspiration from the iridescence of the fish in Palais de Porte Doree’s tropical aquarium.

One of his most iconic creations, the Pigalle heels was inspired by a sign forbidding visitors to wear high heel shoes in front of the palace. The exhibition will run for five months and it will feature a selection of pieces from his own personal collection and public collection, the legendary red-soled shoes which some have not been displayed publicly. The director of Paris Arts Decorative Museum who is also the curator of this exhibition aims to show his admiration towards the craftsmanship and also highlight some of his notable collaborations outside of fashion. If you are a fashion enthusiast, head over to Palais de la Porte Dorée to see the amazing exhibition in Paris to dive into the universe of the iconic shoemaker.