Eastern European Fashion Report

Have you thought of targeting the eastern European market? Are you curious about what are their style, must have item and shopping habits analysis?

Keep reading and let us tell you the whole knowledge about eastern European states market.


When we say about the style of general women in eastern Europe, sexy is one of the key words. Heels, the clothes that show the body shape, mini skirt, tight fit dresses are their top choices. If you are a fur brand, you mustn’t miss this market. Fur coat, warm coat are also the key words of their styling. They are very into hair and make-up as well, sometimes a little bit too over decorated.


If we dig into the styles of eastern European women, we can still separate into several categories, there is different key point of styling for each category. To conclude all the styles for eastern European women, we choose 11 must have items in their closet. As we said, sexy is one of the key words, we can certainly find some feminine dresses. It can be formal style for an important event, tight fit sexy for a night out or daytime style dresses. In an eastern European woman closet, you can certainly find lot of different kinds of dresses for different occasion, but in different way show their feminine characteristic.


We all know that in eastern Europe part, winter is extremely cold. A winter coat is a must have item. Long coat is preferred than short jacket, regarding to color, there are various choices. Except beige, brown, gay these kinds of basic colors, we can also see the coat with lighter colors, such as purple, red, orange. In general, they love and dare to play with colors in styling, sometimes the combination might not work, but when it works, the style is really strong and interesting.


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