September, 28 in the heart of fashion Paris – Salon France-Amériques of Hotel Le Marois, Brand Management Agency organized a Fashion Division event. The Runway fashion show welcomed five emerging Indonesian designers and a famous designer Tities Sapoetra to show their Ready-to-Wear SS2019 collections to the guests of Paris Fashion Week.

Fashion Division presents “FD Paris Fashion Show” - the possibility to young promising designers or having already proven themselves on the Asian market, to be able to express their art and their creativity during Paris Fashion Week. This September edition is organized in collaboration with BMA - Brand Management Agency Paris.


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Inspired by the beauty of the Indonesian woman, applied to the design and the printed fabric, the collection of our star designer Tities Sapoetra represents the faces of these women as diverse as the different flowers scattered around the world. One of the most interesting part in his work is embroidery of flowers in 3 dimensions highlighting the woman as the most beautiful work of art in the universe. "I combined the dominant Parisian mood of gold, black and brown colors, with the theme of Spring Summer 2019. Be pieces like an organza made suit" he said.

To bring out the true face of an Indonesian woman, he invited Indonesian supermodel, Paula Verhoeven, to participate in the show. A combination of satin, organza and Mikado, the collection of Tities reveals the most beautiful aspect of women.


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Amelia successfully presented her creations with her concept of “zero waste”. "I always do not waste the material in making clothes, I applied the rest of materials into the unique details to my design" she said.

Through her creations she brings a highlight to the fact of producing no waste in the manufacturing process with powerful silhouettes and humble materials, showing an alter-ego of her personality giving a significant importance to the protection of our environment, which takes precedence over the existential crises of each and which is a subject at the heart of the new fashion’s production model.


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A combination of bright red and black accompanied by an elegant cutting silhouette, Trudy spring/summer 2019, the designer Aurelia has decided to bring out the emergence of the movement Girl Power.

With red as the dominant color, she represents the femme fatale, seductive and mysterious. At the twelve strokes of midnight, it is the moment where all the secrets of the woman in red are revealed. Passionate, representing the love, the rage and the power of free women. "High boot, long blazer, outer made from latex and semi leather, they will be suitable if combined together to represent midnight seduction“ she said.


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By theme “Walk in Santorini”, designer Edrick Young put out a simple dress with amazing details, with a white basic color and two other colors red and blue as the dress details. His fashion brand is called EDR which is to amplify the women's wear fashion and create artistic and conceptual pieces.

He represents the form of the buildings in the garment. He adds laser-cut Bougainville flower petals for the feminine touch. Architectural forms with classic female silhouette. “For next season, I will start producing simplified and more affordable looks and also I will start working on the next collection and revolutionize the world of fashion by storm”.


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Love Affair, societal problem or true beauty of desire, describe the collection of this young designer. She took out a black apparel using a fabric made of satin, lace and turned it into a dress, jumpsuit, which clearly illustrates the theme of love affair. “That longing feeling, the entanglement, an amour. The baffling drama in between has inspired the whole creation of this collection. Its black, its alluring” she said.

Grasheli hopes that by carrying out a fashion show in Paris, she wants to bring the name of Indonesia internationally “I am Indonesian who tries to bring Indonesia's image and culture into the international fashion through my designs”


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Précieuses, A pretentious woman who is characterized by extremely correct manners and speech. She was steeped in feminine elegance and beauty. This ready-to-wear collection exclusively in linen, revisits the 17th century dress style in France. Each pearl represents how each woman has been suffused with feminine ornaments and their endurance overcoming all the processes of life. Women as a pillar of life.

Kate Middleton who is an inspirational woman in this collection, "I think women should be able to look beautiful even though they work for their lives and careers." Moreover, Daniella introduced a traditional rattan bag from Indonesia which would strengthen the uniqueness of her work.

“FD Paris Fashion Show” has shown to the fashion people the creativity, style, trend forecasting for spring/summer 2019 of six Indonesian young designers. Overall, the apparels of the show come from fresh ideas, the design displayed is quite stunning to the audience, the whole night fashion show really represents the latest style for spring summer in various events and times.