BMA develops 900 sq. m. retail space in Colombo

Brand Management Agency Team in exclusivity with Galle Face Hotel Chairman Sanjeev Gardiner are working on defining a new luxury retail concept which will fundamentally transform the local consumption.


Probably one of the best things to do once in a life: enjoy a picturesque sunset at Galle Face Hotel 5* in Sri Lanka, Colombo.

You feel the light wind, see the glowing red sunset, think about the scarcity of these unique experience, enjoy the moment...

Founded in Colombo, Sri Lanka in 1864, the Galle Face Hotel is one of the oldest hotel east of Suez. The hotel is a member of Select Hotels and Resorts International and is listed as one of the "1000 Places to See Before You Die"

Sri Lanka is well known for its real treasures such as picturesque landscapes, rich culture, friendly and welcoming people. But for the last ten years the country has been attracting attention with one of the fastest-growing economies.

Colombo, current construction projects

Colombo, current construction projects

More than 15 bn will be invested...

.... during the next 25 years in the economy of the country, especially in Colombo, making it an important business destination. Huge businesses are already growing all around : financial district and the marina area of the port, Shangri La, Havelock City, ITC Colombo One, Keells Waterfront, Capitol TwinPeaks, Capital Heights etc.

Being part of the cultural heritage of Colombo, Galle Face Hotel (GFH) has started to seize this economy growth opportunity to strengthen the luxury supply in the country. A few stores already launched high end retail spaces, but these lack the complete consumer experience, the must-have for growing fashionista population. 

BMA and GFH team started to work on defining the new retail concept to satisfy the local consumer, travelers and growing business population' needs.


Focus groups realized in January 2018 by BMA team showed that local consumers spend a lot while traveling (Shanghai, Australia, Bangkok, USA, Malaysia...). This is due to a limited, even inexistent, local offer of luxury goods. There is a lack of products as cosmetics and European make up experience, lingerie, authentic luxury bags and shoes, perfumes... So much wishes... so huge potential for retailers.

All the European high end and luxury brands should take this oportunity to be first and develop its own faithful customers.

The New GFH retail space with a total space of more than 900 sq. meters will include : 

  • Mono brand high and Jewelry store;

  • Multi-brand Concept stores with Woman and Man Clothing, Accessories, Shoes, Lingerie, Lifestyle objects and Art;

  • Exclusive souvenirs boutique.


Galle Face Hotel retail space will become a new destination of Fashion in Sri Lanka with an exclusive customer experience.  Generally selected as location of Colombo Fashion Week and special events for VIP, GFH will become THE place to be for fashionista.   

The right selection of European brands will be a suitable offer for growing business population and increasing amount of tourists.

For European brands it is not just a great business investment, it is a participation in the Economy growth.

3D Store.jpg

Imagine the beautiful European boutiques with inspiring selection of rare products, feel the excitement of fashionista, see the beautiful people coming in the stores and walking around to spend their time with total pleasure and comfort. 

Smell and feel the taste of hot chocolate, imagine how you seat after the shopping with your glace of tasty wine and listen to the waves of the ocean...  admiring the changing colors of the sunset from the terrace of Galle Face Hotel.

The most important, is that you can be part of this beauty!