How Images Help to Sell Your Brand

Source :  Net-A-Porter

Source : Net-A-Porter

To make customers engage your brand, it is essential to know that images is a crucial element when it comes to e-commerce and online retail. After all, images are the only way that can make or break a purchase decision when it comes to buying products online.

Firstly, keep in mind that details are the key to making your customers understand your brand and product. You don’t want to have too many extra distracting factors that will shift the focus of your product when your target customers look at the image. Include at least five details shots of a product and especially the details of the fit on the model to see how the product sits on the body of the model.

Next on, don’t forget to use a model to tell a story. It’s easiest to tell these stories by styling products on a model rather than shooting products flat. Lastly, acknowledge different approaches for different audience is important as men and women consumers engage differently. For men, they usually care more about product sizing and references as they are more analytical when making purchases. Whereas for women, they resonate more  when it creates an emotion such as how the styling is done with the product.