Organize A Fashion Show

How to organize a successfull fashion show? Key points

Do you plan to showcase your new collection in a runway fashion show? Let us give you all the ingredients for success.

Define the main idea of the fashion show

The main mission of the designer is to be creative. Very often each collection has several ideas that the designer whants to share with its fans. But, sometimes the "better" proves to be the enemy of the "good". The best practice is to choose an anly one main idea for all the Runway show. This idea will lead all the organisation : from de location selection, to the decoration plan, lights, models selection, music, sponsors collaboration, Make up and Hair style selection… EVERYTHING

Choose the appropriate location for the catwalk

Once you have undestood your main idea and you have a moodboard illustrating it, it will help you to focus on the selection of the Runway show location. It can be any place you can imagine. From the classic hotel of modern, classic or edgy style, to the absolutely crazy locations such as…

Here are some examples of special locations used for Runway shows :

Pierre Cardin, having a long association with China, chose the isolated Whistling Sand Mountain outside of Dunhuang to showcase his Spring/Summer 2008 collection.

Karl Lagerfeld’s catwalk show for Fendi in October 2007 were organizes on the Great Wall of China.

Mure de chine runway show.jpg

Saint Laurent held its Spring 2019 runway show underneath a sparkling Eiffel Tower with models walk on water - literally.

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But it does not mean that the location should be extremely expensive. The most important that it is appropriate to the style selection and it corresponds to the main idea.

Choose the best team to organise your fashion show

There are a lot of show organizers. But you can never be sure if you can be satisfied of the final result. Choose you organization team carefully.

BMA Team is here to guarantee the ingenuity, quality and results! Work with real professionals!

The main points to take an account when you choose a partner is the understanding of your objectives, the sharing of common values and the capacity and willing to succeed your show.

Select the best models for your Fashion Show

New interesting faces sometimes are more important for the visivility than the experience of the girls. Apart from the sizes parameters and face, the energy is a very important point. The models energy should also be in line with a total runway spirit.

The consistency is the real power!

Provide the best planning of the Fashion Show preparation and implementation plan

Imagine few times the runway show day from A to Z. All the small details should be analysed and adjusted.

Need help? BMA team is here to make your fashio show unforgettable.

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