French Women's shopping habits

STYLE ANALYSIS-French Women's Shopping Habits

Speaking of French style, you might think of strips, beret and baguette, does the Parisian really wear it? With our years of experience in fashion industry, let us tell you more the real French women style.



In general, French woman has several traits. They are slim, intend to dress relaxed style with either big shopper bag or crossbody bag. Wearing comfortable shoes, since French women love to wonder in the city by walking. As the photo showed above, French women prefer the colors more discrete, grey, dark blue, brown, ivory etc. For make-up trends, black liner and lipstick are the must have. 

To help you distinguish which type of French women are your target consumer, here we are going to talk more about their dressing habits.


Soft fabrics shirt with a fluide silhouette, and balance with a long coat. Keep accessories sleek and understated. The shape of the shoes exposes more of the skin to elongates the look. The color and cutting stay simple with a big brand bag to give a focus in the style.


Casual style is their main key word. Normal waist jeans, sneakers, big bag to carry a lot of things. However they are not just that. They pair sometimes a blazar jacket or long classic coat to mix and match the casual style into a casual-chic style.



A simple and strong sentence to describe them: No rules, just imagination for them.


Seeing a French fashionista, you can see easily found out the latest trends from their outfit. At least one IT piece can be found in their dressing, they are also into big fashion brands. The trends and big fashion brands are their mark.


Here is another point about French women, they like the outfit which are suitable to go in daytime and also in night time. With different styling, a fluide soft fabrics shirt that can go for office in the day time can also be seen at night event. Black is the popular color to dress when French women decide to go out. Balance the skin which are exposed, is the main difference from daytime style.



With a short and naturally grey hair, they embrace the time who gives the beautiful traces on them. They might be old, but they don’t dress old. We can say there is almost no difference in style with younger generation. Color matching, jewelry with balerineas, sneakers or comfortable heels are their signature.


What about the must- have items for French woman? Where do they intend to buy them? What is their budget on fashion? Regarding to ages and income, we have the whole survey for French women shopping habit to help you understating the French woman and to set up a market plan for your band. Talk to us, we are good at it and we can help you.