Success Tips For A Good Trade Show Experience

trade show tips pic.jpg

Fashion brands showcase their collection in trade shows to promote the business and to gain more access to international and local buyers. Brands can gets great opportunity to meet agents or distributors, the press, stylists and bloggers and also see what their competitors are doing as well as be inspired by new ideas.

1.       Preparation

Before the day of the trade show, brands must ensure that all collection samples are ready and all materials are ready. This includes press materials, collection lookbook, props and gadgets for the booth etc

2.       Stand Display

Have different display options that will appeal to different visitors. Placing a tablet to showcase your website or social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram will encourage visitors to have a look at the brand and perhaps “follow” your account. Brand identity should be recognized easily and it’s important to keep the look consistent.

3.       Pricing

Brand owners need to have a complete pricing list. If the designer doesn’t have an accurate pricing and production isn’t ready it will affect the overall performance of the brand during the trade show.

4.       Budget

Trade show costs are based on how many exhibitors will be conducting business and its location. Some trade shows offer package deals for exhibitors, where one price includes furnishings and lighting with no hidden fees.

5.       Prospecting

Remember to get in touch with your new and current buyers and send them an invitation three to four weeks before the trade show. After getting replies, set up a schedule for confirmed buyers who are visiting.

6.       Fashion Merchandising

Ensure that buyers and clients feel your passion through merchandising. Products should be merchandised wisely in the given space. Keep your booth neat and media devices away when communicating with clients and make eye contact when talking with potential buyers.

7.       Networking

Having  a good relationship with buyers is the key to trade show success. You should get to know vendor booth neighbors and socialise with people around. Making new contacts can help your business in the future. Bringing an assistant or someone trusted to help run your booth can be a great aid.

8.       Making Sales

Brands need to have all information from the source of productions, price points and cost of shopping as buyers will want to know all of these. Get your business cards ready and engage with buyers, follow up later if they are interested.

9.       Persistence

Sometimes it can be tough to make sales even if you have tried hard so it’s important to persist. Persistence is key if you don’t get the initial results you desired. Stay in touch with buyers, get their contact details and inform them when there are any future events or product launches.