Sézane - the first only-online fashion brand

sezane online fashion brand.png

Sézane is the first only-online fashion brand which was created in 2013 in France. The idea was to create limited quantity of pieces per style in the French style.

At that time online retailers started to appear, but in France it was like a brand should have a physical shop. So the idea to sell a new unknown brand only online looked like a big mistake. But Morgan Sezalory - creator of the brand - took that risk and got ahead.

Each month Sézane releases a capsule collection with the most desirable items, which are sold out in a few hours after a drop. The brand also produce seasonal collections twice a year.

Another strong point is relationships between the brand and its customers. In 2015 Sézane opened the door of physical location, which is known as "Apartment". Customers could try on clothes and buy it online after. Small selection of pieces could be bought in the Apartment. There is also a private cinema for the clients of the brand in the place. This is more a communication tool for the brand than a retail point.