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Speed Is the New Business Model of Fashion

Cowen & co has recently stated that fashion’s conventional supply chain model is no longer working and as an alternative they offered a new perspective : Speed = Value. They’ve stated that even modest change of speed can improve gross margin, a model which should be used across sectors and to clothing and accessories.

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Fenty - Rihanna Changing Traditional Rules of Fashion

Rihanna has partnered up with LVMH to create her own luxury fashion line, Fenty. After the success of her makeup brand, Fenty beauty she is now venturing into a world of fashion. A lot of women look at Rihanna as a fashion icon and their inspiration, people are curious to know what this celebrity designer can bring to the table.

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Kim Jones Reinventing Dior Men

Just over a year ago, the English designer Kim Jones was appointed as the creative director Dior menswear by LVMH and presented his first ever collection during Paris Men’s Fashion Week in June 2018. Prior to this, he was the menswear designer of Louis Vuitton for 7 years.  During his time in Louis Vuitton he was known to merge his athletic aesthetics into luxury clothing. One of his most remarkable move in Louis Vuitton was making one of the most hyped over Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration happen.

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Visual Merchandising Techniques Retailers Should Know

Visual merchandising is an effective way to attract target customer into the store by laying out your products skilfully. By using visual merchandising, it essential to present the brand’s image with the combination of useful product display methods.

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Arabic Fashion Report

In compare with other market, middle east fashion market is to be considered more mystery. Today we are going to talk about middle east women’s style with you.

In general, there is no middle market. Women consumers are either very conservative or very westernized.  For the consumers who are very conservative, they always wearing long fluid clothes, long sleeves, to cover their body shapes. A

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Scandinavian Style

Minimalist, simple design, ethical quality are the key words when we mentioned Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian women are very sensitive to fashion trends. They are more edgy and cool than feminine. Relaxed, modern and clean style are their signature. We can find the color beige, black, grey is very popular.

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