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Best Dressed Celebrities of Haute Couture Week 2019

There is no doubt that celebrities are always turning heads with their best outfits during fashion week. Designers and brands use this opportunity endorse their favorite muse and ambassadors to show their masterpieces when A-list celebrities attend their shows. Check out our best-dressed picks this Haute Couture season.

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Taiwanese Fashion Report

Located in East Asia, Taiwan is a country with vivant fashion market. Taiwanese women’s fashion styles are various. They are influenced by Japanese, American and Korean fashion. In general style of Taiwanese women, they love the clothes casual and comfortable. Flat shoes and sneakers could be seen in different styles and are preferable than high heels.

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Scandinavian Style

Minimalist, simple design, ethical quality are the key words when we mentioned Scandinavian style.

Scandinavian women are very sensitive to fashion trends. They are more edgy and cool than feminine. Relaxed, modern and clean style are their signature. We can find the color beige, black, grey is very popular.

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