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Trends Shaping the Luxury Market by 2025

Boston Consulting Group (BCG) and Altagamma published a recent study on the transformation of luxury market by 2025. The report shows that Millenials will be leading consumers of the luxury market and they will be expecting much different things from previous generations. Today Millennials( born from 1978-1992) represent only about 32% of spending in the personal luxury market, but by 2025 they are expected to make up 50% of the total market .

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Visual Merchandising Techniques Retailers Should Know

Visual merchandising is an effective way to attract target customer into the store by laying out your products skilfully. By using visual merchandising, it essential to present the brand’s image with the combination of useful product display methods.

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Arabic Fashion Report

In compare with other market, middle east fashion market is to be considered more mystery. Today we are going to talk about middle east women’s style with you.

In general, there is no middle market. Women consumers are either very conservative or very westernized.  For the consumers who are very conservative, they always wearing long fluid clothes, long sleeves, to cover their body shapes. A

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