Taiwanese Fashion Report

Picture credits :  WWD

Picture credits : WWD

Located in East Asia, Taiwan is a country with vivant fashion market. Taiwanese women’s fashion styles are various. They are influenced by Japanese, American and Korean fashion. In general style of Taiwanese women, they love the clothes casual and comfortable. Flat shoes and sneakers could be seen in different styles and are preferable than high heels. The make- up trend is natural type. Women care more about the foundation and eye shadow. In Taiwan, showing legs are more acceptable than showing breasts, short jeans is a must have items in every Taiwanese women closet. Oversize casual is another key item, women style oversize top with skinny jeans, oversize culottes or with short jeans which is covered by the top.

Taiwanese consumers are highly active in online shopping. Social media communication is extremely important for this market. The awareness of shopping experience and building the relationship with brand are rising up.

 In our whole survey, we will tell you what are the different types of Taiwanese women styling and what are the must have items in their closet. Purchase the whole survey here behind.