TRIINU PUNGITS is an Estonian fashion designer who has been designing textiles and fashion for the last 13 years.

She has taken part of numerous fashion shows and exhibitions, and has received international praise for her work, which has been featured in such magazines as Vogue Italia, British Vogue, Glamour etc. She has also been a finalist at the prestigious International Talent Support (ITS) fashion competition, and a semi finalist at the International Festival of Fashion and Photography in Hyères (2016).



The clothing brand TRIINU PUNGITS follows a philosophy that body and mind should always be in harmony. Self-expression, defined by attitude and freedom, is what makes Triinu Pungits distinctive and special. The brand is all about texture, new shapes and cuts, pattern placements and self-confidence. Bold yet tasteful plays of different colors, digital prints and cuts give Triinu Pungits a distinctive yet tasteful face. She is known for her usage and knowledge of different digital prints. Very often the prints and textiles used in her designs have been created by Triinu herself. Hand-made, one-of-a-kind coats are the trademark of Triinu Pungits.
All Triinu Pungits clothing items are designed and produced in Estonia.


I dedicate my collection to growth, to life that we perceive, experience, touch and love. Everything that has the ability to grow has a life, life that is precious and beautiful. Every new day starts with breathing, being alive.
I create a story, a story for the benefit of nature, I create a synonym for sharpened minds and goodness. I get energy from the nature, from the supple and generous Sun, from the powerless dark period of fall and winter that forces its presence – suppressing the heart of life while the shy jiggling reed swirls in the wind.
The Earth is dark, the ground lifts strength, enriching the air, swallowing the snugness in brown shades, which has nutritious enriching life, freedom without any limits, sprouting growth. The strength of the leaves has faded, a tree left them in the embrace of a storm and wind, shedding the leaves close to the soil. Now there’s a new life about to rise.
The joy for a new life, waves of a clean sea, the shimmer of a clear frost. The Earth is resting from the immersed life while listening to the silence, while listening to the nature that is still. While running along the wind corridors that wander and travel – in all that, I can see a bright and clear interior.
The fragile sprout turns into a soft milky protein–rich wholeness, it has lots of will and rich energy, which embodies harmonic universe.
The universe ends with a universe, it ends with everything that’s not non–existent, which exists, but which you cannot spot with your bare eyes. Yet you can love it, you perceive it through everything.



The inspiration comes from the powerful diverse color scheme and energy of the Earth. Deep brown–black that changes into lighter shades. Grey alpaca wool, white silk that has a pale pearly shade, passionate red and patterns in thousands of shades that reach into the deepness of the universe. Materials include a deep bow to the nature, wool with a blend of alpaca, angora, silk, silk mohair and lots of goodness around us.




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