Visual Merchandising Techniques Retailers Should Know

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Visual merchandising is an effective way to attract target customer into the store by laying out your products skilfully. By using visual merchandising, it essential to present the brand’s image with the combination of useful product display methods.

Fashion retail has the function as the front-of house and it include a whole process from manufacturing and supply chain to marketing and visual merchandising. Visual merchandising has the role of communicating with customers using elements like product and store layout, window displays, different images, colour presentation and merchandising.

Visual merchandising consist of two techniques, which are exterior and interior display.

Exterior Display

This is the view potential customers see before they enter the store. The exterior display should gain their interest and create an emotion to welcome customers into purchasing products. It is a good way to promote the latest trend in store and to send useful information.

It is the front view of a retail store. Innovative exterior visual merchandising techniques attract attention, creates interest and invites the customer into purchase. It is the perfect way to promote latest fashion trends and sending useful information to the target customer. A list of tools can be used in the store front to get attention and retailers could use eye catching banners, attractive window display, digital display, brand image, offers and discounts images.

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Storefront contain of the total exterior presentation of the retail business. Store front mainly includes exterior signs, marquee, entrance and window display. Don’t forget that exterior sign gives the first impression of a store and in less than 10 seconds the sign needs to attract the attention of a customer. It acts as a way to show what business it is and what the products are sold. A few keywords and easy to read signs are used to communicate the brand. Make sure to put out a simple and clean message to your audience.

There are four types of exterior signs and they are :

·         Promotional signs

·         Location signs

·         Institutional signs

·         Informational signs

We can use the concept of landscaping to make the visual merchandising composition more interesting. By creating the focal point using elements of color and texture to provide contrast and harmony, it catches the attention of consumers. Retailers must ensure that customers can easily view the focal point and merchandise. Equipments like plants, flower, small beds, and other required materials that are used to improve the overall look can be great help.

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The Importance of Colors

Color choices and coordination is important to express creativity and stimulate emotions. Besides that graphics, photography or brand image and signage can be used to provide information about sales or special offers. Marketing images are also used to reinforce the collection’s campaign. Graphics and photography and signage is mainly used in window display for sending information about sale or special offer, discount, brand image, marketing product by model, reinforce the brand's advertising campaigns etc. Display colorful, bold text, easy to read, short and clear message and graphics are used to attract the attention of the consumers. Lighting should also be carefully considered by using modern technologies to control brightness and colour of window display. Light helps to identify spaces, to create mood or feeling, occasion, seasonal effects lighting can enlarge the retail stores over all looks.

Planning Out Merchandise

Using a planogram help the visual merchandiser plan out the placement of the merchandise on the shelves. There is also a floor map or floor plan that shows where the places of different categories of products are in the shop. The visual merchandiser or window display designers must also be informed the latest trend or acknowledge the future fashion movements. The styling on mannequins must be on par with trends and latest style as a way to attract customer’s attention.

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To maximize sales, interior displays and in-store visual merchandising is the most important to utilize each square foot for putting products in place. Consistency must be included when planning interior displays. Images or theme must have a strong presence while doing visual merchandising.

Store layout and design is the key to influence the movement of customers in store, it creates a guideline for them through merchandising. An ideal store layout using merchandising will help create interest to the products from a customer’s perspective. Using mannequins is a good way to display the form and fit of products.

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Point of purchase display is the display arrangement of merchandise to attract customer to the product. The products should be visible and shown in limited amount.  Products shown on the shop should be easily accessed  but not overcrowded.

There are several factors to help create a good atmosphere in the store. It gives a more desired shopping environment and also a good impression when customers visit the store. For example, the music played in the store should align with the style of the store. The smell is also important because it could affect the customer’s experience and the time they want to stay in the store. Last but not least, visual merchandisers use props to tell a story about the brand or product. The props are usually coherent to the theme of the store and products. Some examples of props are floor coverings, wall treatments and backgrounds, mannequins and shelves.