Blouse C018

Blouse C018


S19-C018-T049-400 S19-C018-T053-300 S19-C018-T049-300 S19-C018-T049-200

Composition 100%SE

Colour Description: Rose Green Silver Sage

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BYLUMA is helping to change the landscape of fashion by taking women on a journey to discover empowerment through what they wear. The label offers a new energy and spirit of self-expression that gives women the freedom to let their wardrobe reflect their lives, from the inside out.

Designed and made entirely in Europe, the collection has a strong sense of authenticity. It has been created using premium Italian fabrics cut in simple and perfect lines with a colour pallet that includes rich shades of coral, navy, white, black, grey and cream. Utilising only the best natural fibres of wool, silk and cashmere, outstanding craftsmanship has been employed to create a collection that embraces every facet of the modern woman. 

Quality and versatility are at the core of BYLUMA and each piece has been designed with the accomplished, busy, and driven woman in mind. Beautifully tailored jackets, trousers, dresses and skirts sit alongside more casual pieces that are soft and loose, yet fiercely feminine. It is a timeless collection, but never conventional, and one that seamlessly moves from day to night.


BYLUMA’s founder is Luma Saqqaf, who was inspired to create a new fashion brand for women just like her who do it all – juggling a successful career, a family, and a social life. Her desire to redefine ‘premium’ in an industry that is focused on fast-fashion has brought to life luxurious garments that reflect her philosophies and values.