Wholesale set : 120

Suggested retail set : 240

Wholesale top : 45

Suggested retail top : 90

Wholesale pant/trouser : 75

Suggested retail skirt : 150

Colours available : As pictured silver sequin top with white duches satin pant.

Fabric : White dutches satin pant, silver sequin top

Sizes (FR): 36,38,40,42,44

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Azulant Akora is an award winning fashion designer based in Perth, Australia. Her work has been described as futuristic and unique. In school Azulant excelled academically and her art won numerous awards, the first of which was the Dr. Sues anniversary art competition. Upon graduating Azulant was accepted at Murdoch University to study a Bachelor of Laws.

As a designer Azulant strives to create clothes that make the wearer feel confident, elegant and timeless.